Taking the High Road: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Weed Delivery - Kelo Cannabis
Taking the High Road: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Weed Delivery

Taking the High Road: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Weed Delivery

Thankfully, since weed was legalized across Canada in 2018, the days of hotboxed cars full of stoner kids in parking lots are long gone. The cannabis culture has elevated to offer more sophisticated products, ultra-convenient access, and a wealth of information.

Since July of 2021, thousands of cannabis smokers have been enjoying the full-service experience of cannabis-to-your-doorstep. The legalization of weed delivery was made to help shops serve their customers better, especially during pandemic restrictions.

And let’s face it, whether you’re getting home from a day of adventure or soaking up the sun in your backyard, the last thing you want to do is drive to the dispensary to pick up weed.

Today, all you need to do is kick back, scroll through our curated selection of high-quality cannabis products, place your order, and let us bring the goods to you!

Legalizing weed delivery in BC allows shops to handle the hassle of your shopping experience. The service is not only fast, but also incredibly easy! There are just a few simple rules to know:

  • Cannabis delivery is only available to adults nineteen and older.
  • Drivers must ask for two pieces of I.D.
  • A name and signature must be given to the driver at the time of delivery.
  • Deliveries can only be made to residential addresses or at curbside pickup.
  • Hours for delivery can be between 9am to 11pm daily.

Why should I use a weed delivery service?

Since retailing to Kelowna through our weed delivery service, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback from our customers. If you’re still on the fence about cannabis delivery, consider the following benefits that we keep hearing from our customer’s experience.

Why weed delivery is right for you:

    1. Saves Time – One of the biggest benefits that we hear about is the amount of time that our customers save through our delivery service. Placing your order online is a few clicks away. Once your order is in, we take care of the rest. While we are packaging and driving your cannabis products, you can get a headstart on unwinding for the day.


    1. Hassle-Free – Going out of your way to pick up weed is so 2017. Our customers tell us the modern shopping experience is even more convenient using our delivery service. Everyone leads busy lives these days. Your cannabis experience shouldn’t be another to-do on the list. Using a weed delivery service helps you simplify your shopping.


    1. Safe, Reliable, and Legal – Our fully-licensed delivery drivers are always greeted at the door by happy customers. We often hear that the delivery was fast and the transaction was easy and professional. Our drivers go the extra mile to ensure our products are handled and delivered with care in accordance with all legal requirements.


  1. Personalized Shopping Experience – Weed products delivered right at your front door? It can’t get more personal! Our customers tell us they appreciate our wide selection and knowledgeable staff, and that our friendly delivery drivers are the cherry on top. We always reach out to ask about your delivery preferences, and then our crew works hard to make sure packages arrive exactly as ordered. Each and order is personally delivered by our Kelo staff.

How do I use a weed delivery service?

There are just three easy steps to using our weed delivery service:

  1. Add your favourites to cart, select delivery, and purchase using our secure online system.
  2. Relax with the time you’re saving while we get busy packaging and driving to you.
  3. Accept the delivery with two pieces of I.D., plus a name and signature.

Yes, weed delivery services are really that easy!

Should I tip my delivery driver?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions for deliveries.

In general, across the industry it is encouraged to tip the delivery driver. It’s the same etiquette that many other delivery services hold, whether it’s tipping the pizza driver, the waiter, or your SkipTheDishes.

Drivers take personal care of your package and work to deliver your cannabis as soon as possible. Taking that task out of your hands deserves a token of appreciation. Following the same guidelines for tipping that you use with other services is a great way to support your drivers.

At Kelo, while your purchase must be complete with a credit card online, you’re welcome to give a tip in cash to your driver.

Weed Delivery Services are Trending

Weed delivery services have hit the ground running! With all of the benefits it’s no wonder that more and more customers are switching their shopping experience to fully online and personally delivered.

It’s definitely worth giving weed delivery service a try start here.