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Getting to Know Cannabis Seeds

Kelowna Cannabis Seeds.

There are many things to know when it comes to cannabis seeds, and with the ski season at Big White sadly ending, planting time is right around the corner. Spring is the best time to initiate the growing period; with warmer weather, plants are less likely to perish. Another thing that you may not know is that there are both female and male cannabis seeds, and each plays a different role. Cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors; knowing what kind of seed will do better in each environment is essential.

Growing and buying Kelowna Cannabis.

Knowing how long to grow your plants before harvesting is critical. By growing indoors, you gain massive amounts of control over the environment in which your plants flourish; by adding these controls, growers can see a faster turnaround of plants. That said, many folks still believe in the power of nature and lean towards outdoor growing techniques. This growing method takes longer, but the yields found per plant are typically much more significant. As Kelowna and the Okanagan are one of the sunniest places in Canada, with nutrient-rich soil, it is no surprise that some of the best BC Bud has originated from here – and has been grown outdoors for decades.

Caring for your Cannabis Plants

Unlike most plants you can water and leave alone, cannabis plants require more care. To experience the most optimal flowering period, your plants will need varying dark and light cycles. Outdoor cannabis plants will start to flower towards the end of summer when the days get shorter – and the nights get longer. Indoors, the plants will remain vegetative until you can induce blooming by shortening light exposure. The only exception to skipping the waiting time of light cycles are auto-flower seeds.  They begin to bloom without the assistance of light and dark cycles, making them a popular choice for beginners or folks looking to have continuous output/turnover. Not all seeds are receptive to the harsh outdoor climate, so picking a cultivator that can handle the environment is essential. If you are looking to grow Cannabis in Kelowna, we would recommend trying the Pink Kush Feminized Seeds. This cultivar thrives in warm, dry climates, so the Okanagan is perfect! Delivery of Cannabis seeds is a convenient option, so you can spend the most time finding what strain will work for you.

Male vs. Female Seeds

Knowing if your cannabis seed is a female or male is very important; females seeds are desirable when it comes to the production of flowers; when a female plant receives no pollination from a male, it’ll grow bigger buds and won’t produce seeds, male plants are incapable of producing buds. Still, they will have sacs of pollen used for fertilization. Most dispensaries will carry feminized seeds, so there is no need to worry about the sex of your plant. If you are unsure male plants tend to have a thicker stock because they grow higher than females and need to support that weight. Female plants tend to be bushier, especially near the top. It is essential to get rid of your male plants if you don’t intend on breeding because if the male plant pollinates the female plant.  The cannabis plant will spend all of its energy on producing seeds instead of buds which can be detrimental to your crop’s outcome.


Purchasing Cannabis Seeds in Kelowna

Growing cannabis can be daunting, but it will become manageable with some education and the tools needed. There’s no better feeling than seeing the buds blooming on the plant you grew. Doing your research and talking to people knowledgeable in the field can make this a far better experience for you with a more significant outcome. Should you want to learn more about the growing process or the seeds we carry, please ask our team in-store! To browse the cannabis seeds we have, check out our online menu!