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Cheap weed with top-shelf quality

Be honest, are you breaking the bank by buying weed all the time? Always on the hunt for a cannabis special at the local shop? Wishing you could get better, stronger weed for less? 

What if we told you shopping at Kelo could help you save money on good quality weed, and lots of it? 

At Kelo Cannabis, we take special care to bring in the best quality value products around, at prices that will keep your bank account happy. So, if you’re looking for cheap weed, that’ll get you just as high as the top-shelf stuff, you’ve come to the right weed shop. 

Here are four ways you can save money and get the best deal on good quality weed at Kelo Cannabis in Kelowna, BC!

1. Free Delivery

If gas (cannabis) and gas (fuel) are putting pressure on your bank account, we’ve got one heck of a solution for you! Why pay for gas when you can get your weed delivered straight to your doorstep? Kelo offers free delivery, seven days a week, with no minimum order! And if you’re not sure what to get, we’re just a phone call away. 

Check out our selection, and order free delivery now!

2. Monthly Specials 

Every month we pick out a handful of products, ranging from pre-rolls to cannabis vape carts, and put them on sale so you can try something new without risking the biscuit! 

Click here to shop this month’s specials!

3. Cheap Weed Gummy Bundles

While some stoners have a favorite edible, most of us are just looking for the highest THC we can get, and for the lowest price. So at Kelo Cannabis Kelowna, we offer a special price on bundles of Drift, Fully Blasted, and No future gummies for those of you who like to stock up and save some money!

Mix n’ match your favorite flavours and get your money’s worth with:

  •  50mg bundles, consisting of 5 packs of weed gummies for only $15 


  • 100mg bundles, consisting of 10 packs of weed gummies for only $25

Shop bundles here!

4. Affordable Cannabis Flower

Looking for affordable weed you can keep coming back to week after week? We consistently carry several brands that offer high THC, high quality, cheap weed you can count on!

Here are some of our favourites:

1. Fraser Valley Weed Co  

Fraser Valley’s weed is greenhouse grown in the Fraser Valley by the same people that make one of BC’s favourite brands, Pure Sunfarms. Their buds stack up to the more expensive stuff, but at the bulk price of under $100 an ounce!

Get your hands on their BC Bounty 28g bag today!

2. Parcel

Parcel is all about down-to-earth cannabis. No bells and whistles, just affordable weed that’ll get you where you’re trying to go. Sundae Driver, produced in Ontario, is fruit forward, with hints of Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, and Myrcene. High THC, low price, what more could you ask for?

Try 14g Sundae Driver this weekend!

3. Homestead’s Bandwagon 

Ever heard of Simply Bare Organics’ high-quality, organic weed? Homestead’s Bandwagon carries the same genetics, offering the same high, in a cheaper package, with slightly less mouth-watering buds. Grown in BC’s Fraser Valley, Bandwagon weed is certified organic, at an unbeatable price. 

For Indica enthusiasts, try the Bandwagon Indica.

For Sativa lovers, try the Bandwagon Sativa.

4. BC Smalls 

Size isn’t everything, right? BC Smalls believes good things come in small packages! Grown in BC, meticulously hand-trimmed, and cured to perfection, BC Smalls carry all the flavour and scents you find in their bigger BC Black bags. The rumors are true, BC bud is better, and with BC Smalls, you can enjoy it for less! 

Grab a bag of BC Smalls!

Save money on weed

Weed can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Stop by Kelo Cannabis in Kelowna’s North End for an unparalleled selection of high-quality, cheap weed, or shop our selection online and let us come to you, for free!