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Finding a weed dispensary near me

Finding a weed dispensary near me.

The Cannabis industry has been booming since legalization and making access to weed more convenient. Whether you are new to weed or have been a long-time cannabis user, legal dispensaries have something for everyone’s needs. Over the past few years, you have likely already decided on a favourite shop or have a preferred method of getting your weed. If you’re still overwhelmed by the abundance of places to go, we hope our guide to some of Kelowna’s best cannabis shops helps you on your journey.


In the Glenmore area, there are some great options. Starting it off is Glenmore Cannabis- an excellent store with an extensive selection of products conveniently located just off Summit Drive. It’s a great stop on your way down Dilworth Mountain. If you drive a little further up Glenmore Road, you will find Hi Cannabis- located on Yates Road, which, living up to its name, is known for its welcoming atmosphere, reasonable prices and large selection. On the corner of Kane Road and Glenmore is one of Flora Cannabis’s four beautiful Kelowna weed shops. Flora has been making Kelowna proud since the early days of legalization and has one of the dopest lines of clothing out of all the stores.


Kelowna’s Mission area is beautiful, with many beaches and trails nearby. If you want to grab some cannabis while doing these activities, there are a couple of options. Cannabission- located in the heart of the Mission, has a great selection and knowledgeable staff. If visiting the H20 center, Cannabission is super close for any last-minute treats. If you are on the Pandosy side, you have another Flora Cannabis just off Lakeshore Road and a short walk from Gyro Beach.


Consider driving up to Big White Mountain or just in the Rutland area, you have two fantastic dispensaries: Cheeba Cheebas and Eggs Canna. Located on Highway 33 and Rutland Road is Cheeba Cheebas. This Kelowna dispensary has existed since the beginning and has an excellent reputation for chill vibes, low prices, and premium service. Eggs Canna is a little down the highway on Hollywood Road.  If you are new to try cannabis and looking for a chill, welcoming introduction to products, this is the place to go.


Downtown Kelowna has a list of fantastic stores, some of which are cannabis dispensaries. Whether you plan to spend a day shopping, visiting local restaurants, checking out the beaches, or hiking at Knox Mountain, dropping by a dispensary in the area will help you elevate any experience. Just off Pandosy, you’ll come across Kiaro Weed Dispensary. If you are into tech, this downtown weed shop is for you! Kiaro has tablets to browse its menu on, allowing customers to take their time and do some research. Heading a little deeper into Downtown, there are even more options. On Bernard Avenue, there is Fire & Flower, High Score Cannabis, and the Green Pineapple, all located near the lake. With the proximity of these locations, you’ll be able to find a vast array of products between all the different stores. Finally, located in the heart of the Cultural District of Kelowna at the corner of Clement and Ethel, you’ll find Kelo Cannabis. This shop is passionate about offering diverse products at competitive prices and having one of the most knowledgeable and friendly staff groups. Kēlo Cannabis is a one-stop shop for any cannabis consumer and has fast and free weed delivery.


Suppose these Kelowna weed stores are too far away, or you don’t feel like altering your plans. Don’t worry; Kēlo Cannabis will deliver to your home in Glenmore, the Mission, Quail Ridge, East Kelowna and even the University of British Columbia Okanagan for free!