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Improved Fast and Free Cannabis Delivery

Improved Free and Fast Kelowna Cannabis Delivery Service.

Since the legalization of Cannabis in 2018, many things have changed. Research has advanced, products are much higher in quality, and it is more convenient than ever to get safe weed with easy accessibility to legal cannabis dispensaries. One of the fantastic things that has come out of this is cannabis delivery. It’s an innovative way to get weed delivered right to your doorstep.

At Kelo Cannabis in Kelowna, we strive to make everything as easy for the consumer as possible. Our store has been open for nearly two years, and since then, we have done our best to improve every aspect of our services; our staff are very knowledgeable and constantly learning. In addition, we are continuously looking for ways to enhance our understanding of cannabis to help find the products best suited for you.

We also offer a delivery service that has significantly improved since its launch. When the business first started, delivery was still new, and since then, we have learned what was working and what wasn’t; with our improved free delivery service, you can order for a specific time slot that works for you; we also have two delivery vehicles running, so we can get more orders out at once and on time.

We keep our prices as competitive as possible and are constantly bringing in new products so you can have a more comprehensive selection at an affordable price. All deliveries between 9 am and 10 pm are same-day deliveries unless requested otherwise.

We also offer the option of discreet delivery if that suits you better.

We have recently switched over to a new operating system to help better serve our customers. This new system allows us to quickly receive and process deliveries and pick-ups, as well as notify our customers when their delivery has been processed and is on-route to them.

In addition, we are regularly working on adding features to make the delivery process seamless on all ends.

With the cannabis industry still fresh and with many great things to come, we will continue to improve our services always looking at how we can make your experience, whether in-store or through delivery, as smooth as possible.