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Best Cannabis Products for the Ski Season

Best Cannabis Products for the Kelowna Ski Season

If you’re heading up to the Kelowna ski hills this winter, you’re going to want to hear this: Kelo Cannabis is now offering FREE cannabis delivery to the Big White Area! It’s no secret that many snowboarders and skiers like to indulge in a little Après ski sesh. This ski season, you can head straight to the hill to enjoy fresh snow early in the morning, and let Kēlo Cannabis come to you.

How does weed delivery work?

For our Kelowna cannabis orders, you can easily hop on our website, pick out some products, pay for them and schedule a same-day delivery for free! Our Big White Area delivery will work in pretty much the same way.

Step 1: Go to the “Shop” tab on

Step 2: Click “Shop Big White”

Step 3: Select your weed products

Step 4: Input your payment information

Unlike our Kelowna weed delivery service, all deliveries to Big White will be made daily in the same time frame. As long as you place your order before 2 pm, you can expect to receive your marijuana delivery between 4-5 pm the same day!

Step 5: Shred some POW

Step 6: Prepare to receive your cannabis order between 4-5 pm by having your ID and hard copy of the payment method ready.

The hardest part really is picking out what you want.

What are the best cannabis products for a Big White Weekend?

Whether or not you’re staying in a smoke-friendly area, we’ve got you covered with many smokable and edible options!

Grab some Bevies

For those of us who prefer cannabis over alcohol, these infused drinks have been a lifesaver! HYTN is a Kelowna-based company that use proprietary nano technology to make calorie free, rapid onset weed drinks! This winter you can sip a sparkling weed drink from HYTN with all your white claw-loving friends. HYTN also offers special holiday-themed drinks this winter that are perfect for hangouts after hitting the slopes. Their Spiced Apple Cider is a sparkling beverage with 10mg of THC and a delicious spiced flavor that makes it a great pick for a night at the cabin.

Puff on a Vape

If you’re up at your cabin and you want to slip away for a low key sesh without coming back drenched in marijuana smell, vapes are a great option. Discreet, convenient, and potent, cannabis vapes from companies like Ness, Boxhot, and Dymond will get the job done.

Ness offers affordable and consistently potent THC vapes that taste like everything from fruit to eggnog! Checkout their winter themed London Nog flavour which is a mixture of a london fog, and egg nog, for all the christmas and tea loving fans out there.

Boxhot vapes range from high THC to high CBD and many of them contain 1.2g of cannabis oil instead of the usual single gram! Their Couch Lock Kush is perfect for a chill night of relaxation after shredding the ski hill all day! This vape contains CBD, CBN, and a low potency of THC for an added kick. Note: these vapes work best on batteries with buttons, which you can also find at Kelo Cannabis’ online Big White area shopping page.

Dymond takes disposables to the next level with their luxury, rechargeable devices. Filled with .8g of high quality oil, the Sophies Breath and Death Bubba Live resin vapes will have you ready to go back in the house in a jiffy. Perfect for those of you who prefer not to mess around with batteries, cartridges and charging devices.

Eat some Gummies

Depending on the night you want to have, Kelo Cannabis offers tons of tasty and potent gummies. If you’re looking for something mild and chill, checkout the FEELZ weed gummies from Spinach. These gummies come in two varieties: a CBG/THC blend and a CBN/THC blend. Both are great for those who of you who just want to pop on a movie and chill.

However, if you are heading down to an apres ski event, it may be worth checking out Sunshowers Delta 8 gummies. This 10-pack of cannabis gummies has a mere 1mg of THC but don’t worry, the Delta 8 makes up for it. Some users have reported one gummy feeling like a whole pack of regular gummies!

If you have more questions about which products to get for your apres ski evening, give us a ring, our senior guides will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and recommend something great!