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Okanagan Craft Cannabis you will love

Okanagan Craft Cannabis you will love

For years the Okanagan region has been globally recognized for its fine wine, astonishing views, world-class skiing, and craft cannabis. Over the past three years, the number of producers transitioning to the legal market in the Okanagan has grown steadily. As Kēlo is a family-run business in Kelowna, it’s only suitable to support the businesses around us.

Our team at Kēlo takes pride in working closely with many local companies. With the recent ability to order directly from micro-producers, we find ourselves stocking the shelves with even more Okanagan-grown premium cannabis. This means you can easily access top-notch products wherever you are. Whether you are hopelessly searching for a cannabis store near Big White, shopping in Kelowna, wanting free same-day marijuana delivery to Big White, or seeking fast free delivery in Kelowna, we’ve got you!

Kelowna: Our home

We, of course, need to mention Kelowna, our home. While we would love to talk about every producer in the area, we will have to stick to a few. They are Ten-Ten, Dymond Concentrates, and Hytn.

Starting with our super friendly neighbors (Hytn), this group has set up shop just two doors down from us. Earlier this year, Jason and Ryan welcomed our team into their space to do a full tour and learn about their industry-leading processes of producing beverages and edibles. At the time, we only had their drinks as the edibles had yet to hit the market, but right before Christmas, we were thrilled to hear that their gummies had been approved for sale and would shortly be live on the LDB. If you are looking for a product to suit the apres scene at Big White, a pack of these guys will do the trick. All of the HYTN products are rapid onset which means you get to enjoy all of the fun earlier than you would with traditional edibles. Their team does this through a nano-emulsifying process that breaks down the cannabinoids in their products so they can be processed by our bodies faster.

As mentioned earlier, direct delivery has opened the door for us to order some pretty fine products. One of the more recent additions has been Dymond Concentrates 2.0. You may be wondering what 2.0 means; well, let us tell you. Dymond has had quite a history working on the legacy market. When everything went legal, they decided to transition over. Dymond chose to build their processing facility in the heart of the Okanagan, and we couldn’t be happier. What this means is a constant supply of products with super short delivery times – sound familiar? For some time, we had been ordering concentrates like their shatter from the LDB, but once exclusive direct products dropped on their menu, we knew we had to grab them. Some of these are their 0.8g disposable live resin pens and 1g diamond sauce cartridges. When we cracked open our first disposable, we saw they carried over their excellent hardware from the legacy market. You may ask what’s so particular about these pens; well… they happen to be rechargeable. The days of having your disposable die after a day of skiing at Big White are over; enjoy them!

Finally of our favorite Kelowna-based producers is Ten-Ten. This craft company is in Lake Country and has enormously impressed our team with each product we have tried. One standout feature we applaud this team for doing is listing “Kelowna Grown” on their packaging. It is great to see companies proud of their local community, and it’s our part to support teams like this. When initially meeting Steve and Shiv from Ten-Ten, we were honored to learn about the company’s history and its leadership’s many years of growing experience. Their hard work and dedication to the plant we love become very apparent when cracking open a glass jar to see the buds inside or taking those first few puffs. Expect high terpenes, even higher cannabinoid percentages, and beautifully trimmed/rolled products. We currently have their Cake Crasher flower and Purple Punch Pre-Rolls in the store.

Vernon: Our Neighbor to the North

Kelowna’s neighboring community Vernon also hosts a powerhouse of craft producers. Two producers we want to highlight are Organnicraft and BLKMKT.

Starting with BLKMKT, this company hit the legal industry running with the output of only top-shelf products when many other producers failed to meet consumers’ expectations. Since these early days, BLKMKT has exceeded all expectations by producing tons of products with exotic genetics that back their decades of experience growing Cannabis. When cracking a jar, you will be met with a sensory overload of loud terps and colorful frosted buds beyond belief. Trust us, these products are hard to forget. We recommend checking out the Animal Sorbet Kush Mints if this sounds appealing. The cultivar shows off beautiful caked purple/black buds with orange pistils. In all honesty, the buds are so dark they remind us of a starry night at Big White.

Since we discovered Organnicraft, we sure have not forgotten about them. Their name hints they produce craft products, and their history of drops definitely backs them up. Like the other teams, these guys have been on the scene for a minute. They love supplying BC with legacy market staples and exotic genetics sourced from California’s golden (or green) coast. Whether you are chilling in your cabin at Big White, surfing powdery slopes, or taking a walk through snow-capped trees, this group has a product for you. We knew that Organnicraft was the real deal when staff and customers of Kēlo were frothing for their platinum grapes, but the ownership team was also. In our opinion, Platinum Grapes raised the bar on the legal market and was one of the highlights of this past year. Recently, Organnicraft teamed up with Wildcard Extracts and has graced us with the dank of their flower products, now in concentrate form.

Penticton/Beaverdell: Our Neighbor to the South, and Big White’s community

Finishing off our list of favorite local producers are two companies working with JVCC (Joint Venture Craft Cannabis). JVCC is a processing and packaging company that works with small micro-producers around the province. JVCC lets the producers focus on what they love, growing. Instead, they cover areas that often act as entry barriers to the industry, processing, packaging, and distribution. The result for us consumers is a surplus of craft cannabis available for sale, grown in small batches, with attention to every plant throughout the production process. A few months back, JVCC launched its direct delivery program, so we have access to exclusive drops, speedy shipping, and a constant supply of products between them and the LDB.

If you haven’t noticed the trend, we’ll sum it up; lots of experience usually makes great weed. The final two growers are no exception to this. They are Purefire and Smoker Farms. While Purefire has only been on our radar for a few months now, these guys aren’t leaving it anytime soon. Located in Penticton, BC, this father-son duo started off strong by coming into Kēlo earlier this year to introduce themselves and tell us all about the good things to come. Long story short, they didn’t lie. Our manager is hooked to their Bubba Purple Punchsicle – and so are many of the people he recommended it to. Expect large buds, grape flavors, and that typical Death Bubba effect that keeps you wanting more like a day in the Big White backcountry. If you forgot your papers or bong, they now offer pre-rolls to ensure the good times stay rolling.

The final producer on our list is Smoker Farms. Sure, they may be the last on here, but they are not the least. Smoker Farms is a family-based company located in Beaverdell, BC, just 34 kilometers from Big White. This team has grown weed in the mountains for decades and is perfect for the enthusiasts who live in them. Smoker Farms transitioned from the legacy to the legal market in 2020. Ever since they have proven themselves as one of the best flower producers in BC. Our favorite from Smoker Farms is their Master Kush Ultra (MK Ultra). CEO of the company Jeff Aubin has been growing this specific cultivar for over a decade, and it sure as hell shows. Boasting high percentages, caked buds, and effects that mimic how relaxed you feel after a hot tub at Big White make this a favorite of connoisseurs all around BC.

Buying Craft Cannabis in Kelowna and Big White

If you have made it to this point in the blog, we thank you for spending the time to learn about some of the fantastic companies and people here in the Okanagan. We apologize to all the great companies not included in this blog. We recognize all of you and look forward to our continued work together. Honestly, it would be challenging to cover each brand as there are just so many.

As mentioned earlier, as folks from the Okanagan, we want to see businesses around us thrive. We will do our best to stock top-quality products from the local regions. If you are shopping in-store, look for the blue “Produced in the Okanagan” banner for these items, or browse the “Produced in the Okanagan” category on our website.

If you have no luck locating weed in Big White, do not fret. We offer free, same-day marijuana delivery to the Big White area. Shop from our online Cannabis Store to have a similar experience as you would if there was a brick-and-mortar dispensary in Big White. If you missed the last post, here is a quick recap. We deliver weed to Big White 7 days a week. The delivery is entirely free, with no minimum order attached. We’ve got you if you want to stock up for a month or get something to cover your trip on Big White mountain! Big White cannabis deliveries depart from our store daily and arrive between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. You can always enjoy your day on the hill, relax in a cabin afterward, and before you know it, we’ll have dropped off your goods.

If you are searching for cannabis near Kelowna, feel free to drop by the store and explore our selection. Kēlo Cannabis is in the Downtown North end off Clement Avenue and Ethel Street. If leaving the house isn’t favorable, Kēlo offers fast, FREE cannabis delivery throughout the town. Like Big White, there are no minimum purchase requirements, so feel free to order whatever you want!