Kelo Blog | Which Kind Of Cannabis Strains Are Right For Me?
Which Kind Of Cannabis Strains Are Right For Me?

Which Kind Of Cannabis Strains Are Right For Me?

In this article, we’ll point out all the differences between the strains, what they do, and which one may be right for you. There are many determining factors to consider when selecting the perfect type of strain at a marijuana dispensary.

How Do Indicas and Sativas Differ?

Plants classified as indicas and sativas are distinguished by the traits they exhibit during the cultivation cycle. Indica strains tend to grow short with broad, deep-green leaves and thick stems. In cold climates, they grow well due to their short flowering cycles and sufficient growth. Plants of the Cannabis sativa species have longer flowering cycles, thrive in warm environments, and have narrow, light-green leaves.

The cultivation of cannabis has been based on crossbreeding for the past 50 years. As a result, pure indicas and sativas are virtually impossible to find anymore. It’s unlikely you’ve never encountered a flower that wasn’t hybrid. An Indica or Sativa strain is usually described as tilting toward one side of the spectrum or the other.


As of the 18th century, people used the words “Indica” and “Sativa” to describe two kinds of cannabis: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. As the name suggests, cannabis Indica refers to the intoxicating varieties discovered in India, where the herb was harvested for hashish, fiber, and seeds. Hemp plants cultivated in Europe and western Eurasia, where people sought fiber and seeds, are known as ‘Sativa’s.

Which terms are used today?

Cannabis plants were immediately classified as indicas or sativas according to their leaves’ size and shape and the amount of fiber they produced. Today, plant cultivators use them for roughly the same thing: identifying Indica and Sativa plants based on their growth characteristics.

The classification of plants as Indica, Sativa, and hybrids is based on the growth characteristics and chemical profiles. These terms can then be used by retailers to market cannabis to consumers – regardless of how misleading those terms might be. Therefore, marijuana indicas and sativas are still around because cultivators still need them, and retailers continue to do things the same way.

Effects of Sativa and Indica Cannabis Strains

Sativa versus Indica is a topic of debate – and for a good reason.

Sativas are often described as cerebral, heady, uplifting, and energizing, whereas indicas are described as relaxing, sedating, and full-bodied when researching strains online. However, the phrase “Sativa-like” or “Indica-like” is still perfectly valid as long as we remember that Sativa- and Indica-like effects do not necessarily reflect a plant’s origins or manner of growth.

As prevalent as indicas and sativas, hybrids cannabis strains have gained prominence in recent years. A hybrid term can simplify or complicate a matter depending on your perspective. It is true that hybrids present a more nuanced taxonomy than cultivars, but they lack a label capable of describing the expected effects a user can expect.

Fortunately, cannabis marketing is catching up to the times. Cannabis products are increasingly referred to as hybrids, which is a more accurate description. In principle, all varieties of marijuana are hybrids, but the ones we officially classify as hybrids are those produced by crossbreeding an Indica with a Sativa to create specific effects. Budtenders tend to recommend hybrids because of their specialized effects, flavor profiles, and aromas.

In a nutshell, what is Sativa?

Sativa marijuana strains aren’t all stimulating, but many people feel they produce an uplifting, energizing effect when they are smoked (known as a “head-high”). As well as reducing stress or anxiety, sativas are often reported to boost motivation and focus, and many consumers enjoy sativas to sharpen focus.

Sativa strains produce feelings of joy, euphoria, and happiness. A Sativa is often considered a “daytime” strain, used to feel productive, creative, and focused, as well as to get chores done.

As Sativas are a favorite within any marijuana dispensary, you’ll see many different strains available on the market. Kelo Cannabis offers the following Sativa flowers:

What is Indica like?

Many consumers associate Indica strains with full-body effects such as heavy limbs or tingly sensations, but not all Indica strains will put you stuck “in da couch.” Additionally, Indica strains are helpful for assisting relaxation and sleeping disorders.

Some of the effects associated with Indica strains are relaxation, euphoria, happiness, and sleepiness. Known as “nighttime” strains, indicas are perfect for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day.

Kelo Cannabis offers the following Indica flowers to help people relax and decompress:

What Exactly Are Hybrid Strains?

Breeders combine Indica- and Sativa-descended plants to create hybrids. It has been customary to crossbreed cannabis strains for centuries, much of which was done in secret, as a result of which pure Indica and pure Sativa strains are scarce. In fact, the majority of strains that refer to themselves as Sativa or Indica are hybrids, possessing genetics derived from both subspecies.

The effects of hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of both indicas and sativas, as hybrid cannabis strains are genetically derived from both. Some of the effects of hybrids include euphoria, uplifting, energy, and relaxation. However, it depends on which strains comprise its “parent” strain, and the effects its parents are known to produce.


Cannabis Strains – The Choice is Always Yours

Cannabis is a subjective experience, and how you choose it is also a matter of personal preference. If you have the opportunity to understand the nuances of the strain you want, you should be able to form a different perspective on the qualities to look out for.

If you are one of those people who are happy to sit down with any strain, any time, that’s awesome! Other people, however, feel that this level of precision in selecting the right strains is essential to having a good experience at all times, and ultimately that is the purpose of cannabis.

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